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This week, we will continue chatting about “Heartsongs” – things that matter very much to us and about us, and the ways we share what matters in conversation and community. We will talk about our unique talents and strengths, and invite folks to begin sharing talents and hobbies with others in this group. We will use musical rhythm as we begin talking about communication and sharing Heartsong talents and messages.

Please join us – in person or on zoom! ALL ARE WELCOME — even if your were not in previous chats.

NOTE – for those joining online, please always have paper and markers (or something creative) in case we do an activity. This week – please also have something that makes “musical noise” (like a bell, or a spoon to clang on a pan).

“Peace is possible…
we have, we are, a mosaic of gifts,
to nurture, to offer, to accept…” 

— Mattie J.T. Stepanek

The goal of Mama Peace Chats: A Mosaic of Purpose is to help each person understand how much they truly matter and to work toward being able to say, honestly “I am okay.” Being “okay” with who we are is an important part of peace – within ourselves and with our community.

Each month we will explore a different theme to help us understand how we are all “unique and essential gifts in the mosaic of humanity.”

October: Unity & Community
10/19  Strategies for Personal Conflict
10/26  Strategies for Community & World Conflict

November: Giving & Thanks (Connecting Purpose)
11/2  Sharing Our Heartsongs (Giving)
11/9  Accepting Others’ Heartsongs (Receiving)
11/16  “I Am Okay” – Embracing Gratitude

11/23  THANKSGIVING BREAK – No Planned Session
11/30 “We are Okay” – Creating the Mosaic

December: Hope & Resilience (Celebrating Purpose)
12/7  Exploring How “Hope is Real”
12/14 Exploring How “Peace is Possible”
12/21 Celebrating the “Life is Worthy”
12/28 Celebrating Heartsongs & Mosaics: #Toast2Peace

Main Street members are encouraged to join Mama Peace for in-person sessions at Main Street. Some weeks, there will be shared materials or hands on activities that help us explore and celebrate the message of mosaics and purpose. Sessions will also be offered virtually for members who are not able to connect in-person.


Jeni and Mattie Stepanek

Jeni Stepanek, Ph.D. is an award-winning speaker and writer, as well as a noted advocate for personal and world peace and children’s and families’ needs and rights in health and education.

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