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Join us in the Peace Room at Main Street for Monday Night Meditation. Together, led by local Bhante’s (monks) from Sri Lanka, we will be:

“1.       Identifying the connection of the body and mind – Learning how the body is affected by the mind in both physical and mental health.

2.       Identifying amazing hidden competences of the mind – As human beings we everyone inherited many of those which are not well recognized and used in the routine of life.  Training the mind how to identify and make use of them practically.

3.       Self-awareness – Training how to be mindful in the present moment and stay vigil about the changes in the mindset against the moments pass by and fix the issues to help in maintaining calmness of the mind and body.

4.       How to evaluate one’s precious human life correctly when the mind is calm and away from distractions, to confront wisely when negative actions are done, and mind tends to down in negativity.

5.       Anger management – Activating and improving the power of controlling anger by practicing Loving- kindness as a mental exercise.

6.       Training Loving-kindness in each one’s family as a family practice to develop the interactions, understanding, love, compassion, tolerance, respectfulness, empathy and many other noble values within family members.

7.       Train the mind with Loving-kindness well in advance, that to be used whenever needed especially when the agitation arises in daily life while in and off work.

8.       Train to erase negative memories from mind – Learning “Sense Faculty Impermanent” meditation consisting of the “Letting go” concept. By practicing this “Letting Go” concept, the mind trains to give up the past experiences, especially the thoughts causing stress and remorse which are leading to depression and anxiety.”


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