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Sound Bath led by Sarah Schain

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A sound bath is an acoustic experience created to induce deep relaxation and invite energetic shifts toward positive change. These ancient healing instruments are tuned to the frequencies that our minds and bodies respond to on a physiological and neurological level.

Sarah Schain is a certified yoga therapist, breath coach and sound practitioner with over 20 years of experience. She shares her joyful spirit, creative soul and caring nature with everyone she meets and has helped hundreds of people improve their physical and emotional well-being. You can learn more about Sarah and her techniques here.

Benefits of a Sound Bath include:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety⁠
  • Shift in mood⁠
  • Deep relaxation⁠
  • Opening to inspiration⁠ and creativity
  • Shift towards a more positive mindset⁠
  • Improved sleep⁠
  • Better digestion⁠
  • Improved focus
  • Peace of mind

Here is how to prepare for the best experience:

  1. Be in a quiet place if you are virtual
  2. Use headphone if you are virtual
  3. Be as comfortable as possible:
  4. Lay in Bed if you are home
  5. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag if you are in-person
  6. Wear your pj’s or lounge clothes
  7. Use pillows and bolsters to support your neck, back and knees

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