A thousand miles from Rockville, Maryland, the Johnson family shows us how their Main Street memberships help them feel connected and accepted.

Debby Johnson met Main Street Founder Jillian Copeland several years ago as they were working on similar projects. Debby is a Co-Founder of One Kin Roof, which shares Main Street’s values of inclusion and belonging.

As residents of Treasure Island, Florida, the Main Street community had always felt a little far away. When Debby heard about Main Street’s shift to virtual programming last spring, she jumped on it. Initially signing up for a Virtual Summer Membership, Debby and Mikey currently have their own Core and Plus memberships. Virtual membership changed everything for the Johnson family. They now plan their days around Main Street programs.

When speaking about the friends he has made at Main Street, Mikey says that they make him feel “accepted – like I belong and am part of a group – it’s amazing!” Debby says that Mikey has the family planning to move there for 6 months out of the year. “NOT during the winter,” emphasizes Mikey. We can’t wait to meet you at Main Street when it gets a little warmer!

Hear more from Debby and Mikey in the video below.