Individual & Family Memberships

A Main Street membership entitles you to receive project updates via the Main Street monthly e-newsletter and to connect with and build our Main Street community through regular member events. Our events include activities such as:

  • Baseball Games
  • Main Street Meet Ups at concerts, outdoor movies, etc.
  • Bowling & Bocce
  • Moms Coffee
  • Happy Hours

​Memberships are valid through May of 2020 at which time we will launch a new membership structure to coincide with the opening of our building. The membership options for individuals and families are:

  • Young Adult (Under 30) – $25
  • Individual – $50
  • Family – $100

If you are interested in a professional membership, please click here. If you want to renew your individual or family membership, click here.

We don’t want our membership fee to prevent anyone from joining the Main Street community; contact us at to request a waiver of the fee if needed.

Please note: Main Street is not able to provide supervision of any kind. If supervision is required for participation in any event, please work with your current caregiver or service provider. (Service providers do NOT need to be members.) If accommodations are necessary for you to attend an event, email us at

To become a member, please complete the form. Your payment is secure through Blackbaud Merchant Services. We hope to see you at our next member event!