FROM: Main Street Connect, Main Street Apartments
DATE: Friday, July 30, 2021

RE: Mask Policy
Main Street Connect and Main Street Apartments are updating our face mask policy.

Beginning at 1:00 PM EST on July 30, 2021, staff, residents, members and guests must wear a face mask while in the public indoors spaces of Main Street, regardless of vaccination status. This includes hallways, elevators, the lobby, Fitness Center, main floor bathrooms, Classroom, Mattie’s Peace Room and Poppy Boy’s Kitchen.

We will continue to operate Main Street Connect activities at a reduced capacity of 75%. We will communicate via e-mail if we adjust programs to virtual only.

If you are currently registered to attend a Main Street Connect activity in person and would like to change or cancel your registration, please notify us at There will be no penalty for making this change.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

— The Main Street Team