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Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-14T20:46:15-04:00

The following provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Main Street. If you have additional questions about Main Street membership, please complete the Main Street contact form. If you have questions about the apartments at Main Street, please visit

How can I get information about starting a community like Main Street in another location?2020-08-15T00:04:53-04:00

We want the Main Street model to spread far and wide and are happy to provide guidance to those who wish to start a similar community in another location. On May 1, 2019, Main Street hosted a webinar on “The Development of Main Street: Ideas for Those Who Want to Start an Inclusive Housing Community”. In the webinar, Main Street Founder Jillian Copeland and Scott Copeland of RST Development addressed the steps taken to create Main Street and ideas for replication in other areas. Check out our Videos page to find this webinar and other videos about Main Street. Additional requests for information and guidance may be sent through our Contact page

Do Main Street members receive priority to rent an apartment at Main Street?2020-08-15T00:09:19-04:00

No. About 75% of Main Street apartments are affordable, thanks to the low income housing tax credits granted to the project by the State of Maryland. The regulations governing those tax credits, in addition to fair housing laws, do not allow for Main Street members to receive priority in the selection of apartments.

How many apartments does Main Street have?2020-08-15T00:20:00-04:00

Main Street has 70 apartments including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units; 17 of the apartments are designated for adults with disabilities.

Where is Main Street located?2020-08-15T00:20:25-04:00

Main Street is located at 50 Monroe Place in Rockville, Maryland – 500 feet from the Rockville Metro station and bus transportation and near all the amenities of Rockville Town Center including restaurants, shops, a theater, a library, free events in Rockville Town Square and more.

Are units at Main Street for sale or for rent?2020-08-15T00:25:50-04:00

All the units at Main Street are rentals.

How can I support Main Street?2020-11-09T14:52:07-05:00

We welcome anyone to join the Main Street community as a member, volunteer or donor.

How can I become a member of Main Street?2020-12-31T11:57:45-05:00

Both residents and non-residents are eligible for Main Street membership. For information about membership, please click here.

What kind of supports are available for residents?2021-02-17T21:02:03-05:00

Main Street is not a service provider and does not provide care giving or support staff to meet individualized, customized, one-on-one needs. Main Street’s philosophy of inclusion and social integration is based on the fundamental precept of “Bring Your Own Independence”. Residents are encouraged to bring with them whatever and whomever they need to help them fully access and enjoy the benefits of living at Main Street. By breaking the link between housing and services, Main Street residents have choice regarding their service providers and are not required to move if they wish to change service providers as is the case in group homes.

Main Street’s staff are caring individuals who are trained to provide quality programming for people of all abilities. Main Street residents also have the option to hire a Main Street Community Coach to provide limited types of assistance. Main Street Community Coaches are life coaches who live in the building and have a specific set of responsibilities for assisting residents. Learn more about Community Coaches here.

When did Main Street open?2022-01-27T18:08:39-05:00

The ribbon cutting for the Main Street building was held on July 30, 2020. (Check out a video of the celebration here.) Residents began moving into Main Street during the first week of August 2020.

How can I stay updated on Main Street?2022-01-27T18:14:12-05:00

If you are not ready to become a member, you can get Main Street news by joining our e-mail list and following us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How do I apply to live at Main Street?2022-01-28T09:33:17-05:00

S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co. is the management company that leases and operates the apartments at Main Street. Detailed information about the apartments and the building can be found on their website here. All of the apartments at Main Street are currently full. S.L. Nusbaum maintains a waiting list for future availability, but is unable to accept additional names for the waiting list at this time.  

Will Main Street help applicants or residents find a roommate?2022-01-28T09:35:39-05:00

Main Street is unable to assist residents with finding roommates.

In the affordable units at Main Street, all household members must be qualified through the full application process. So, applicants should apply together if they are going to move in together. While it is possible for a new roommate to apply to join an existing household, it is more complicated than having them apply together in the first place.

What is Main Street?2022-06-05T20:49:07-04:00

Main Street is a nonprofit organization committed to creating dynamic opportunities through affordable, inclusive housing and community engagement for people of all abilities. The Main Street apartment building offers 75% of its units as affordable housing, with 25% of those designated for people with varying special needs. The 10,000 square-foot community center located on the ground floor of Main Street serves as the hub of activity for resident and non-resident members. A robust schedule of programs offers virtual and in-person opportunities six days a week and covers a wide range of interests – including social, recreational, educational, wellness and cultural.

Soulfull Cafe, a coffee shop and partnership with Main Street Connect, is located at the front of the Main Street building and is open to the public. Soulfull provides employment opportunities for people of all abilities.


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