Group at Main Street Reception for New Deputy Director

The Main Street Model

Main Street has created an inclusive community that is changing lives. How are we doing this? Check out the key components of the Main Street model and find a link to our annual report.

Main Street building

How We Built the Main Street Building

Located in Rockville, Maryland, the Main Street building has 70 apartments, 75% of which are affordable and 25% of which are specifically designated for individuals with varying special needs. View video presentations about how we built the building, learn about our 2021 Building Inclusivity Conference and find information about how to consult with Main Street.

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Data Collection for Inclusive Communities

The Main Street project is grounded in data-based decision-making. Learn how Main Street has utilized insights from research and evaluation to guide its development and current operations.

The Copelands at the Main Street Groundbreaking

The Origin of Main Street

Main Street was founded in 2017 by Jillian and Scott Copeland, and the Main Street building opened in the summer of 2020. Learn about what led the Copelands to create this groundbreaking model and see a time line of Main Street’s development.

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Additional Housing Resources

Have a look at other inclusive, affordable models around the U.S. as well as advocacy priorities for expanding inclusive housing options.