Main Street community programming

Main Street is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the following positions:

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Jillian Copeland at

Job Description for Programming Director

Leads programming personnel (staff, contractors, volunteers) and oversees all aspects of programming development, delivery, promotion and scheduling. Is responsible for training and daily supervision of all program personnel. Encourages member participation and creates a stimulating, fun and varied schedule of offerings to maximize member enjoyment, involvement and retention. This position requires flexible hours including some evenings and weekends.

Program Development

  • Creates and plans programs, including clubs, classes and special events that:
    • Are conducive to the diverse abilities of members
    • Speak to the diverse interests of members
    • Follow Main Street’s programming principles (rooted in universal design)
  • Creates a comprehensive program schedule that:
    • Is conducive to the varying schedules of members
    • Offers plentiful opportunities for wellness, social, personal development and cultural engagement
  • Collaborates on development of new programming including LiveWell with Main Street team
  • Develops art program including art shows and coordinating gallery space
  • Develops, maintains and publishes weekly, monthly, annual schedule of programming including preparing program updates for weekly member email and monthly newsletter
  • Ensures that required staff/contractors/volunteers are trained, agreements are completed and payment schedules are followed
  • Ensures that required staff/contractors/volunteers are available for all programs
  • Ensures that all materials are available, spaces are reserved and set up and any promotional materials are developed and distributed in advance of programs
  • Researches appropriate resources and activities in the community at large
  • Involves members and staff in planning and implementing programs including committees and focus groups
  • Creates programming webpages and calendar

Program Implementation

  • Trains staff/contractors/volunteers on Main Street programming principles (rooted in universal design)
  • Attends and/or coordinates staffing for all programmatic events (virtual and physical)
  • Coordinates program communication including RSVPs, confirmations, expectations, supply lists and day-of reminders utilizing Neon (Main Street’s CRM)
  • Facilitates programs based on need, expertise and fostering relationships with members
  • Evaluates programming and tracks utilization, quality, impact and satisfaction, and analyzes data on a consistent basis to determine successes and areas of improvement
  • Assists individual members as needed with registration and program participation
  • Fills in for staff or finds substitutes for facilitators and volunteers as needed
  • Records relevant sessions and uploads to video library

Program Oversight

  • Ensures that all supplies and equipment are purchased, inventoried, maintained and made available for programming
  • Develops and monitors programming budget to ensure adherence
  • Tracks attendance of all member programming utilizing Neon (Main Street’s CRM)
  • Reports program metrics to management
  • Fine-tunes current programming based on evaluation findings
  • Supervises and manages Programming Coordinators, contractors
  • Involves volunteers in the implementation and delivery of programs and events
  • Hires, trains/on-boards and evaluates performance of programming staff and contractors
  • Creates teams of staff, contractors and volunteers as appropriate to work events and programs
  • Works with Director of Membership and Volunteers to organize volunteers for specific programming and events

Other Duties

  • Maintains a safe and appropriate environment for programming
  • Maintains files and records relative to programming
  • Ensures Main Street policies and procedures, Code of Conduct, safety and emergency protocols are followed
  • Completes incident and accident reports as needed
  • Works as an active team member with other Main Street staff and management

Necessary Skills

  • Problem-solving in a fast-paced environment; have the foresight to anticipate possible problems and plan accordingly
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to create and maintain webpages and online calendar
  • Proficient in web-based video conferencing platforms such as Zoom
  • Ability to successfully utilize a variety of technology tools used for event promotion and scheduling, surveys, managing photos and graphics, etc.

Job Description for Programming /Activity Coordinator (PAC)

Under the supervision of the Programming Director, leads, coordinates, implements and supports assigned programming in accordance with the programming plan and schedule. This position requires flexible hours including some evenings and weekends.

Delivers Programming

  • Coordinates necessary activity-related logistics: spaces, equipment, set up/take down and materials and takes attendance for assigned programming
  • Leads Main Street group activities and classes and supports programming contractors in a timely manner and in accordance with the schedule and activity/class design and plan. Activities and classes include:
    • Social and recreational activities
    • Indoor/outdoor activities, including walks
    • Creative activities such as arts, crafts, drama
    • Exercise
  • Modifies activities to suit needs of specific groups, members
  • Encourages member participation
  • Observes participants, gauges involvement and enjoyment and obtains feedback
  • Manages incidents of conflict, behavior, injuries
  • Keeps records of member interests
  • Reports medical, behavioral and safety concerns and observations to management
  • Follows up on registered members who are not engaged
  • Communicates inventory needs and equipment repairs to supervisor

Other Duties

  • Attends staff trainings and meetings
  • Works extra office hours at Main Street front desk
  • Contributes to the design, development and planning of programming
  • Adheres and enforces Main Street policies and procedures, Code of Conduct and safety and security protocols
  • Completes incidents and accident reports
  • Works as an active team member with other staff, contractors and volunteers
  • Assists with the promotion of programming, as requested
  • Assists, trains and oversees self advocates tasks and responsibilities