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Artists on Main Street2021-11-18T11:06:00-05:00

As inclusion is our guiding principle at Main Street, we invite artists of all abilities to share their creativity and creations on the  Main Street art wall. Each year, Main Street features four to six artists in our lobby art wall space. Artists invite their communities to join our Main Street members for an art show and exhibit.

If you are an artist who is interested in featuring your art at Main Street, please contact us.

Current Featured Artist

Madison Prince (November 2021 – February 2022)

Madison Prince, a lifelong resident of Maryland, has been drawing and making art all his life, but remains largely unknown to the public. Prince communicates the landscape of his inner world through his art-- expressing urgency, energy, humor and joy. With a current portfolio of over eight thousand original works of art, Madison works alongside Creative Director, Mike Farrell, in order to leverage his artistic talent for a [...]

Past Artists

Belonging: Member Art Exhibit (August – October 2021)

In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of our Ribbon Cutting, we are excited to present "Belonging" an art exhibit featuring the artwork of 15 members of all abilities. The exhibit shows many different mediums including painting, music, photography and digital art. We invite you to visit the gallery and spend time with each work of art. Look: Take time to look at the work of art for 30 seconds. [...]

Jodi Ferrier (September – December 2020)

Main Street Exhibit Dates: September - December 2020 Jodi Ferrier is an artist living and working in the DC metro area. Her contemporary paintings are influenced by the abstract expressionists and lie somewhere between abstraction and representation. She was recognized early on for her excellence in painting at Miami University, where she received the prestigious PYE Scholarship Award as well as the Liquitex Painting Award. After receiving her BFA, she [...]

Dwayne Martin (May – July 2021)

Artist Statement: As a painter, I find that I can communicate without talking, but through feeling and emotion. As a self taught artist, my work can be categorized in different forms, but is frequently classified as abstract. I’m a DC native, working out of Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. I’ve always been an avid admirer of art, but have  been a working artist for five years. My work [...]

Mara Clawson (January – April 2021)

Mara uses pastels and iPad technology to convey her perception of the world. She finds that her art connects her to others and her community. Her artwork has been juried into and exhibited in six museums and 15 galleries across the United States. As a winner of the VSA/Kennedy Center Emerging Young Artists with Disabilities award, her video To Survive toured the US. Mara is the sole proprietor of When [...]


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