Artist Statement:

As a painter, I find that I can communicate without talking, but through feeling and emotion. As a self taught artist, my work can be categorized in different forms, but is frequently classified as abstract.

I’m a DC native, working out of Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. I’ve always been an avid admirer of art, but have  been a working artist for five years. My work focuses on the connection between feeling and color, and the emotions they invoke.

I work with various mediums, using various paints, from oil to enamel, spray painting, and also acrylics. Also using different tools to apply paint, including knives, playing cards, and hair brushes.

My method of painting is what I consider high energy, experimentation of color, and application of paint, even defacing the canvas, to invoke emotion.

Images in the work are referenced to the history of our society and how it affects the world we live in today, and how history can repeat itself.

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