Nicol and Jillian at Main Street's Construction Site

Founded in 2017, Main Street is the brainchild of Jillian and Scott Copeland whose third son, Nicolas, has developmental disabilities. Like countless families in similar situations, the Copelands had grave concerns about Nicolas’ future.

Jillian’s quest to find long-term housing for Nicolas where he could “find his happy” and thrive in life, produced very little. Her comprehensive search proved that there was a dire need for a model that incorporates affordable housing opportunities with a wide variety of recreational, social and vocational opportunities in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

As Jillian’s vision to create a one-of-a kind solution to the lack of affordable, accessible and inclusive housing began to coalesce, she elicited her husband, Scott Copeland, a principal with RST Development to assist with the development of Main Street’s flagship building in Rockville, Maryland. RST has been an active developer and builder of affordable housing for 20+ years. Ground was broken on the Main Street building in the fall of 2018 and the building opened doors in the summer of 2020.

As the project has developed, the Copelands’ vision has come into clearer focus. Main Street is much more than a building that benefits people with disabilities. It is first and foremost a community that benefits people of all abilities. Main Street is a community of respect, choice and independence – a community in which people of all abilities belong and thrive together.

Meet the Copelands

In this 6-minute video from 2018, Main Street founder Jillian Copeland and her husband, Scott Copeland, share their vision for Main Street that was inspired by their son, Nicol.

To learn more about the statistics that underscore the need for Main Street and the steps that the Copelands have taken to create Main Street, visit: Why is Main Street needed? and How are we doing this? 

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