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Main Street’s mission is to create dynamic opportunities through affordable, inclusive housing and community engagement so people of all abilities can live their best lives.

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Inclusivity Redefined.  We envision a world where people of all abilities thrive together – are included, feel connected and have abundant choices and opportunities. Your involvement in Main Street as a member, volunteer or donor puts us one step closer to creating this world. Join us today.


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At Main Street, we believe in offering a wide variety of programs to pique everyone’s interests. Members engage in events in the following categories: culture, personal development, social, and wellness, as well as participate in member-led clubs.

Space of Belonging (January – March 2023)

February 8 at 12:00 pm until 12:45 pm

Afrobeats Dance Workout with Charles

February 8 at 5:00 pm until 5:40 pm

Dinner Chats with Mama Peace

February 8 at 5:45 pm until 6:45 pm

The HUDDLE Sports Talk

February 8 at 7:15 pm until 7:45 pm

Our Stories

More than anything else, Main Street is a community of people with powerful stories to tell. Learn about the story of Jillian and Scott Copeland and of other families who have joined the Main Street movement.

  • Danny, Nicol, Ethan and Jack Copeland

The Copeland Family’s Story

September 22nd, 2021|Comments Off on The Copeland Family’s Story

Main Street is the vision of Jillian and Scott Copeland whose son, Nicolas, has developmental disabilities. Nicolas, now 21, began having seizures at the age of 8 months. While his seizures are currently controlled, Nicolas’ [...]

  • Tristan and Grianny

Tristan and Grianny’s Story

February 6th, 2023|Comments Off on Tristan and Grianny’s Story

Their handshake has four different moves. It isn’t complicated or jazzy, but it’s theirs. They kept it simple on purpose so it would be easier to remember. “It’s something that signifies our friendship,” Grianny says. [...]

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