For some, housing for people with disabilities implies only physical accessibility, but at Main Street we believe that is only the tip of the iceberg. The Main Street model also emphasizes affordability, inclusion of people with and without disabilities and extensive opportunities for community connection. While we believe these should be the norms in housing development, there are many financial and governmental obstacles that hinder efforts to create such residential communities. Main Street is determined to make the process easier. We invite those who are interested in creating a housing community like Main Street to explore the resources below.

For those who are looking for housing or housing supports for a person with a disability in Maryland, please visit Maryland Inclusive Housing

Presentations About Main Street’s Development & Operations

The following video presentations highlight different aspects of Main Street’s development and operations including:

Additional information is available on these pages: What is Main Street?, The Main Street Model, Videos, and In the News.

Main Street Webinar With NTACT:C 7.7.22

Building Partnerships to Create Inclusive, Affordable Housing: Lessons Learned from the Main Street Experience
Webinar hosted by NTACT:C
(July 2022)

Affordable Housing for Special-Needs Adults
Webinar hosted by The Brookings Institution with Main Street founder Jillian Copeland (July 2020)

The Development of Main Street: Starting an Inclusive Housing Community
Main Street Webinar
(May 2019)

Main Street’s Building Inclusivity Conference

Building InclusivityIn November 2021, Main Street hosted its first Building Inclusivity Conference to share the Main Street model and nuts and bolts of its development, as well as to highlight other models that share our principles of affordability and inclusivity. The conference was held in partnership with The Kelsey and brought together 50 participants from 10 states.

To purchase a video link to Main Street’s conference presentations regarding how to build affordable, inclusive and community-minded projects, please visit this link.

Participants at Main Street's 2021 Building Inclusivity Conference

Heard from Conference Attendees…

“By far, one of the best, most informative conferences I’ve ever been to! The takeaways I’ve learned in just one day will have a major impact on the communities we serve now and long into the future.”

“This was probably the most useful conference I have been to. I came to the conference with only an idea and a desire. This conference gave me direction and a plan to move forward.”

Consulting with Main Street

We’d love to work with you!

Main Street offers consulting services for projects at various stages of development. Our three areas of expertise are: 1) structure and systems, 2) building intentional communities and fostering independence and 3) nonprofit management.

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