Dear Main Street Community,

Another week of corona has passed. As we move into our sixth week of quarantine, I am seeing and hearing about the many struggles people are facing. This morning my son Jack shared an article he read in the New York Times which reveals the hard facts and terrifying truths of this virus. We all know that the coronavirus is an equal opportunity virus.  However, we also know our vulnerable and poor communities are being hit harder and will be deeply and negatively impacted.

People are sick, people are hungry and people are dying. This shit is real – and it is scary. Fear is rampant. People are angry. Moods can shift rapidly. Strength, flexibility, resiliency and hope are being tested. After reading this article and thinking of the many struggles ahead especially for people in dire need, I was feeling pretty low.

But then Jack reminded me that our Community is stronger than a pandemic. Obviously we all have to live with this virus and the challenges it brings for the next several months or longer, there is no choice in that. We may continue to fluctuate with moods and emotions, fear, gratitude and boredom. But, we can make the choice to find silver linings, the choice to be kind, the choice to breathe through the more challenging moments and to rise together as a community strong! There are so many examples we can set and think about: examples of strength, care, love  and kindness – examples that We’re All In This Together!

First, witnessing the people on the front lines is awe inspiring. Our health care workers and first responders show up daily risking their health to care for the rest of us. A HUGE shout out to all of you for your commitment and service.  Second, I love watching our broader community support our folks on the front lines.  Friends from around the globe are distributing meals, coffee and bagels and making “hero health packages”  for our medical teams and first responders. Many are posting signs of gratitude in their windows.  Community is stronger than a pandemic. 

I am quite proud to serve on the board of the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes. This is a difficult time for all group homes around the country and JFGH is no exception. To help care and protect their residents and staff, JFGH asked for support. Community and board members rose up immediately, donated generously and responded to the call with love and kindness. Witnessing the response to this call to action, as well as their staff commitment and dedication is heartwarming.   Community is stronger than a pandemic.

 And of course, I want to share a few Main Street moments from the week that exemplifies our special community of support and kindness. Through the week we had a handful of members feeling very isolated and lonely. Our incredibly caring and committed staff connected with them, listened to their issues and struggles and shared love and kindness. In some cases, they connected these members to buddies, other members, therapists or others who could lend their time, talents and support.

Our staff was also energetically present along with 130 members who joined in our virtual programming. I want to thank all who participated in our Virtues Circle, our first Game Day (congrats to our bingo winners!) and our Moms’ Coffee. I LOVED seeing your bright faces and felt our collected energy and deep connection. A special thanks to David Godoy who entertained us with his music during our Virtue Circle! Community is stronger than a pandemic.

My call to action to you today is this – for all who are healthy and able, wrap your arms around each other, your community and support them. If you can, reach out, find ways to help these many communities and families in dire need. There are so many opportunities to show and share your support – and right from your own home.  For creative ideas to support others, explore our new resource page. This page is also chock full of resources to keep you physically and mentally engaged.  For those who are in need, ask for help. There are many of us who want to serve, to help and assist where and when we can. We’re All In This Together!

In closing, thank you to our beautiful community for your continued love, kindness and support of each other. I hope you join us for upcoming Main Street events which include an educational miniseries,mixology evening, and our virtual book club. It feels great to learn and connect with each other (and a good cocktail doesn’t hurt either!). Till then, I hope all of you stay healthy, stay engaged and feel the love of your Main Street friends around you. And remember, especially if you are feeling low, our Community is stronger than a pandemic.

 With Love and Well Wishes,