My name is Noah Miller. I graduated from the Katherine Thomas High School in June and I am currently a freshman in the Mason LIFE Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I love college so far. I live on campus in a suite with three roommates and a residential advisor. I am learning how to live independently. I am responsible for cooking dinner for myself and my roommates once a week. Next semester in addition to my classes I will begin an internship on campus.

During the summer before I started at George Mason, I worked as an assistant teacher at a preschool in Potomac, Maryland. I loved helping the teachers watch the kids and I loved helping the kids during work time and play time. I hope that when I begin my internship in college it will be in a day-care center similar to what I did this summer.

I was worried when I went to college that I would miss being at home.  But I don’t.  I love being able to hang out with my new friends. We love going to watch the Mason soccer team play against other schools in the division, bowling or just eating meals together. I love that I know how to find my way around a large college campus and that I already know so many people and have lots of friends.

I believe college is getting me ready to be an independent adult. That is why I am so excited about Main Street. If I were able to live there, I know that I would be able to live with other friends who have the same interests as me and I would be able to get to work easily since the metro is just across the street. I could see myself hanging out with my friends there in the same way I am able to in college whether it be in the kitchen making meals or in the coffee shop drinking lattes.

Main Street would be the perfect next step for me to continue living as an independent adult just like I know my brother and sister will. I would like to have the same opportunities as they will have and I believe that Main Street would be the perfect place for me. I am so grateful that Main Street will be ready when I graduate college. I can’t wait to check it out!!!