Living independently, with whatever supports are needed, is the vision of Spencer Jacobs who has developmental disabilities. Spencer, now 26, began having difficulty at age 15 months with language declines among other developmental challenges. This snowballed into multiple special ed programs as well as numerous doctors, speech therapists, OTs, PTs, tutors, and home helpers, just to name a few. Spencer calls this part of his life Chapter 1.

Spencer’s hard work has paid off. He is now employed and loves his work. He has worked hard and continues working on learning the life skills necessary to begin living independently. He calls this Chapter 2.

Spencer wants to belong and to be part of a community of peers. He now looks forward to the new friends that come with the completion of Main Street, an affordable, accessible and integrated housing model and community where individuals with developmental disabilities and others will thrive together. Spencer calls Main Street the Final Chapter … and he is so excited about the prospect of living at Main Street that he can hardly contain himself.