Community Coaching is open to residents of Main Street Apartments and members of Main Street Connect.


Those participating in Community Coaching can expect the following:

  • A sense of community, comradery and connection with Main Street neighbors, staff and other members
  • Participation in facilitated discussions pertaining to personal safety, interpersonal abilities, adult living and psychosocial competencies
  • Sessions led by guest speakers and topic experts
  • Chances to role play and talk through situations relevant to coaching topics
  • The experience of planning and hosting a social event for the Main Street community
  • Opportunities to check in weekly with a coach


Those participating in Community Coaching will meet with their coaches and cohort on Sunday evenings, usually from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, and have an option for a midweek, one-on-one check-in, which can be done in person or virtually.

Sunday cohort meetings include a look back at the past week and review of the week ahead. We will have focused discussions and workshops on relevant topics based on both original content from coaches as well as parent and participant feedback. We will also use this time to:

  • Encourage personal growth and self-reflection
  • Develop important life skills
  • Learn how to become involved in our communities
  • Have fun!

Midweek check-ins are optionally scheduled week by week. They are held either in a communal space or virtually. Participants can expect the following during the check-ins:

  • Reinforce and discuss ideas from Sunday sessions
  • Address relevant concerns
  • Safe and confidential conversations free of judgment


Watch the Main Street calendar of events for information about upcoming coaching sessions.

About Our Coaches

Isabel | Main Street

Isabel Garcia

Isabel holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Certificate in Writing from Wesleyan University. While earning her degree, Isabel volunteered her time as a reading and writing tutor for non-native English speakers, disadvantaged adults, and fellow students. Isabel is an advocate for mental health awareness and education, and she has a special interest in sharing and practicing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills. In her free time, Isabel enjoys her daily meditation practice and creating resin art.


Abby Feitel

Abby holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work and a minor in Disability Studies from Miami University. While earning her degree, Abby was a member of Best Buddies. She enjoyed getting to know her buddy and trying new activities together such as ice skating and tubing. When not at Main Street, Abby enjoys spending time with friends and walking.