TRUMAN CHARITIES PODCAST (December 2021)LISTEN – In this uplifting Truman Charities episode with Jillian Copeland about her organization Main Street and the impact it has on individuals with disabilities.

Jamie and Jillian also discuss:

-What sets Main Street apart from other organizations that work with young adults and adults with disabilities, and what the future holds for Main Street.

-Jillian’s “Space of Belonging” and “Live Well,” programs and what makes each of them important.

-What the public may not know about individuals with disabilities.

-How the process works for an individual interested in living at Main Street.


The Truman Charities Podcast: A Community of Caring is presented by Jamie Truman, co-founder of Truman Charities which has raised over $1,000,000 for several different charities over the past eleven years. On the show, Jamie shares her own experiences working to help others and sharing these experiences with fellow charity workers and anyone who would love to be involved in spreading positivity and helping make their communities a better place. Tune in each week for a friendly and positive conversation about changing the world and spreading selflessness.