My name is Yelena Simpson. I graduated from the Katherine Thomas School with a high school diploma and attended Montgomery College for two years, graduating with a certificate.

I have had several different jobs and internships. I work part time at a wonderful Italian restaurant as a busser/server and have been for the past five years. In my job, I work hard and like the customers and my co-workers. I have learned new skills that helped me get other restaurant jobs. I just got hired for another restaurant job in Rockville.

I am an athlete and love basketball. My Special Olympics basketball team is part of Team Maryland.  We are going to compete with other basketball teams this June at the National Special Olympics competition in Seattle. I am so excited!

The big deal is I moved into my own apartment a few months ago with a roommate who helps me with my calendar, planning, shopping, cooking and organizing things. We also do fun stuff together. I love my apartment and my room is decorated in all the Maryland colors. But it’s not easy living on my own, as it’s all new and can be too much sometimes.  One of the hardest parts for me is sticking to a schedule and organizing fun things to do with my friends. This is not easy to do for me.

That’s why I am excited about the possibility of living at Main Street because there would be things I can do with my friends and other people right in my building. I am an artist and would love to do art activities, exercise and hang out in the community space. It will also have a coffee shop.

I think I would be more ready for living at Main Street after living on my own with a supportive roommate. And I love the Rockville area, as I know the bus and metro. I think it would be a really good choice for me.