Joanna Yen, a resident and member of Main Street, shares how Main Street has empowered her to engage with the community and helped her become even more independent.

“Before Main Street Apartments opened I was living in a Housing Opportunity Commission (HOC) apartment unit that wasn’t suitable for my physical disability and very expensive. I researched and saw a news article that an affordable housing project was developing in Rockville. When the place was ready, I quickly called to be on the waiting list not knowing that I’d be called so soon,” says Joanna.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to live and play here,” she shares. She feels safe and more independent in her apartment as the layout (the kitchen in particular) is designed with accessibility in mind. Joanna also expressed that Main Street feels like a neighborhood rather than just a building.

Joanna did not wait until her move-in date to start making connections with the community. She became a member of Main Street in June 2020 and says that the programming has helped her make new friends. “Being more social is one of my goals. Attending Main Street programs has helped me meet that goal.” Joanna has attended over 75 Main Street events just this year!

When asked about her favorite program, Joanna explains that “Space of Belonging” has been meaningful. This program is an ongoing group with members who meet weekly to discuss a variety of topics that are aimed at helping navigate relationships, emotions and current events. Joanna likes how she can safely express her feelings about a topic, knowing that others are going through similar situations.

Joanna is looking forward to seeing more of her new Main Street friends as we add more in-person programs to our calendar. She also looks forward to just being able to hang out and chat on Poppy Boy’s Patio!

If you’ve been thinking about joining Main Street, Joanna says, “Main Street programs encourage you to get engaged with the community. You will enjoy yourself and have fun with lots of [events] to attend. Stop being shy and make friends!” We hope you will heed Joanna’s advice and join us. Become a member today!