Kaitlin Taylor is a member of Main Street Connect along with her mother, Courtney and brother, Khary. Kaity regularly participates in Main Street programs but she also leads an art class that meets several times each month called “Let’s Get Crafty”. Kaity’s class is incredibly popular among Main Street members, filling up quickly each time a new date is posted.

Main Street Member Shows Art Work

Recently, Kaity worked with Main Street as we collaborated with True Respite to have a private label beer made especially for our 2nd Annual Golf Outing. Kaity created an original design to be featured as the label and blew us all away with her creativity, passion and professionalism. Of that experience, Kaity shared the following statement:

Hello Everyone I am Kaitlin a 20 year-old art major and member of Main Street for 2 years now along with my 23 year old brother who is autistic. I have ADHD, learning disabilities and PTSD after being hit by a car on my way from school when I was 13. I also have a skin condition called vitiligo that causes people to stare.

Main Street is my home. While I don’t physically live there, it’s a place where different is ok, abilities are encouraged and members are accepted and loved.

I designed the label for the beer we produced in collaboration with True Respite Brewing Co. The image features faceless people that could be any one of us. The point is that they’re all comfortable together regardless of who they are and what they can do.

Thank you, Jillian and Main Street staff for providing a space where there’s no shame in being myself. Thank you True Respite for this wonderful opportunity and thank you all for listening to my story.

We are so lucky to have Kaity as a member of our Main Street family and love seeing her bloom and grow!