About the Entrepreneur Project

During Main Street’s Entrepreneur Project (E Project), members of all abilities learned, connected and grew with experts and peers who helped them on the road to entrepreneurship. In this eight-session series that ran from June – August 2020, Main Street provided speakers, insights, resources and support for those who wanted to explore starting a business.

The experienced lineup of speakers included:

Sharon Cichy, Chief Strategy Officer, Main Street Connect
Jillian Copeland, Founder, Main Street Connect
Amy Fredenburg, Founder, Twisted at the Wharf
Lisa Friedlander, Business Development Manager, Next
Scott Gladstone with Lennie Gladstone, Founder, SOS
Aviva Goldfarb, Director of Marketing, Hip City Veg
Rusty Greiff, EdTech Investor and Entrepreneur
Laura Gross, President, Scott Circle Communications
Diego Mariscal, CEO & Chief Disabled Person, 2gether
Ilene Miller, Founder, IPM Consulting
Donna Oetzel, Executive Director of Branding & Marketing, Streetsense

Entrepreneur Project Videos and Resources

What Does It Really Mean to Be an Entrepreneur? 

Amy Fredenburg, Diego Mariscal and Scott (and Lennie) Gladstone each have a compelling story about their journey to entrepreneurship. Each of their businesses were very different and each provides some great inspiration to keep in mind as we embark on becoming an entrepreneur.

Resources from this session: Slides